Short Bio

Age: 60
Hilo Resident: 40 years
Oahu Resident: 11 years
Raised in Japan--9 years
Speaks fluent Japanese
Advertising Consultant with his own business (Network Ad Agency)--14 years
3 AMA awards--Best Radio Commercial
Silver Microphone Award--Best Radio
Telly Awards--Best TV Commercial
Producer/Songwriter since 1969
Co-wrote classics: "Hawaii 78", "Hula Lady"
27 songs recorded in Hawaii
Wrote and produced jingles for 36 businesses in Hawaii/mainland
Painter/Handyman by trade
14 awards--American Song Festival
(international songwriting contest)
Producer/Arranger for own record label
(Kawika Records--18 years)
Guest Lecturer--Advertising/Marketing
(DOE Hawaii & UH-Hilo)
Radio jock--KHLO AM850 (Hilo)
WPRW AM1460--Manasas, Va.
Single Parent raising 3 children alone for 12 years
Teacher--Conversational English to Japanese students (Henry Opukahaia School--Hilo)
Entertainer--10 years
"DADMOM" (a 52 chapt. how-to book on single parenting)
"The Shovel" (novel)
"The Agent" (novel)
"The Well of Hope" (self help)
"Jump! The Water Will Be There"
3 Awards-- Music City Song Festival
(Spent 4 years in Nashville)
TV Sales Manager/producer--Hilo
General Services Hawaii--owner
(a remodeling/painting company--30 years)
Real Estate agent--2 years
Professional Photographer--Classic Shots Inc.
(fast action sports)
Television Host/Producer--late nite talk show
(In Hilo--"Night Moves Hawaii")
Inventor--"The Perfector" (a basketball shooting practice invention)
Boxing Coach--35 years
Basketball Shooting coach-10 years
Amateur Fighter--Hilo
1968-voted Big Island Rookie of the Year
1969--voted Big Island Most Popular Fighter of the Year
Board member--Hawaii Police Activities
League--Jr. Amateur Boxing Comm.
Designed and built "4 Strings Recording Studio"
(in Kaneohe)
Driftwood Hawaii--collection and design
of driftwood elements
Big Island Mayoral candidate--1991
(first Independent candidate in history of state
to make it to the generals in a mayoral race)
Political activist representing The Hawaii Bar
Owners Assoc, lobbying lawmakers to
support smoking exemptions for bars--6 yrs
Member--The Tea Party of Hawaii
Stand-Up Comedian--Hawaii--3 years

Interests & Hobbies

Enjoys all forms of sports, especially boxing/MMA. Enjoys debating political issues. Enjoys listening to oldies and Hawaiian music, horses, camping, collecting driftwood, off shore fishing, swimming in rivers, hiking, speaking Japanese, Sumo, watching people, history, reading, self awareness, and intelligent, sensitive ladies... Oh! lest I forget! I ENJOY MY TOBACCO!!!!!

Kawika - One of a few guest speakers at Honolulu Tea Party Rally (State Capitol - 2011)