Here is what MauiTime.com had to say: Kawika Crowley is without a doubt the most interesting and dynamic candidate running for any office in the state of Hawaii. Seriously. His resume is a mile long. He's an advertising consultant, Tea Party member, stand-up comedian, radio DJ, co-author of the classic song "Hawaii 78," record label-owner, author, TV host, single parent and Hilo resident. Oh, and on his campaign website (kawika4congress.com), under the list labeled "Interests & Hobbies," he included "sensitive ladies." That alone should catapult this guy into office. Keep in mind though that Crowley is very conservative, though he does believe women who are raped should have access to abortions. It definitely helps Crowley's case that his opponent, Matthew DeGeronimo, is a boring mergers and acquisitions guy who lives in Hawaii Kai and was recently named one of Hawaii Business Mag's "20 For The Next 20."

I am indeed honored and privileged to have received the backing of the Maui Chamber Of Commerce, the most respected Chamber in the state of Hawaii...MAHALO MAUI!!!

Also, I am very honored to have received the endorsement of a crucial veterans group, Veterans In Politics. This means more than anything to me.

Yes, indeed, I am not bought and paid for by anyone. I answer to three entities, my Constituents, our Constitution, and our beloved Founding Fathers.