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My Views Politically

Needless to say, coming from a conservative background (preacher's kid), I am conservative at heart, although I have a few moderate views on certain issues, such as abortion. I believe in Pro-Life, however when it comes to rape and incest, I do believe a woman has the right to choose. Although I have been a Deist over the last 15 years (much in the vein of one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson), I strongly believe in the importance, power, and a sense of hope and purpose that a belief system such as Christianity provides a society and culture. The founding of our great nation was strongly influenced by Christian principles and values, all derived from the Bible.

I do have a strong vested interest in the future of our nation, not only as a regular American citizen, but also due to the fact that I am a direct descendent of the Mayflower (John and Priscilla Alden), as well as a blood connection to the 2nd president of the U.S., John Adams. The constitution is NOT a "living breathing document" that can be chiseled away bit by bit, as many on the Left have attempted to do over the last 75 years, and in some cases succeeded in interpreting the constitution in a manner that was not obviously intended by our Founding Fathers.

Clearly Washington has become dysfunctional. We are at present suffering from a huge epidemic in is called Obese Big Government. It is a government out of control, drunk on the Kool Aide of Big Spending. Laws imposed on us citizens require us to make sure we don't write checks with insufficient funds in our bank accounts. We can go to prison for failure to do so. But congress can get away with it. As we close in on a national debt of 16 Trillion dollars, we are indeed a wild drunk stallion galloping closer and closer to the edge of the cliff.

A Fat-Ass government drunk with power is where we are at, with one regulation after another affecting every aspect of our lives. And now, for the first time in our 240 year history as a nation, government has mandated that every citizen be FORCED to purchase a product or face a penalty!!! If I am elected, you can count on me to do every thing possible to repeal Obama-Care.

Government, both here and in Washington needs to go on a major diet. If I'm elected, I will introduce legislation to begin slimming down bloated governmental agencies. Bureaucracies such as the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, the EPA, Dept of Agriculture and so many others that siphon away HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of tax payer monies each year, must be reigned in and cut down to size. I propose a five year plan to begin the slow but steady slimming down of each agency. Every year a 5% reduction in size and budget will be instituted, whereby after the fifth year a solid 25% reduction in government will be achieved. We need bare bones efficiency from Washington.

I've been involved with political issues all my adult life, especially in Hilo. In 1991 I ran for Mayor of the Big Island and became the very first mayoral candidate in the state's history to make it to the general elections as an Independent. In the last six years I have spent thousands of hours lobbying at the State Capitol in representing The Hawaii Bar Owners Assoc. (representing over 150 small businesses across the state, and employing thousands). We have been trying to push through legislation that would simply allow smoking exemptions for bars requesting one. Nevada just amended their smoking ban, and we are confident Hawaii will do as well, as early as next year. The point is, I have learned immensely and have witnessed profoundly what goes on behind those walls at the State Capitol...and believe me, what I have witnessed is not a pretty picture. As in the immortal words of Otto von Bismark..."If you like laws and sausages, you do not want to watch either of them being made". Many lawmakers tout the State Capitol Building as The People's House. It is NOT the People's House. It should be called The Out House, occupied by Kings, Queens, Lords, and Fiefdoms! It's a hundred times worse in Washington. I want to do my part in helping to clean out the stench of Big Government. Back to bans... government, both locally and nationally is suffering from an acute case of Banarosis. This binge on banning this and banning that must come to an end. btw, last nite as I was driving back home in my van, I was accosted by a band of flying plastic bags, as they brutally hijacked my van. But in the process of the hijacking on H-1, somehow I was able to get a call off to 911...the ensuing gun fight left all the Longs plastic bags riddled with holes. The cops were awesome! Five plastics died on the scene, and the remaining two were arrested and lead away in handcuffs! Whew! I'm so very glad that our smart politicians are finally waking up and banning these menacing killer bastards! WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT OUR BREASTFEEDING NANNY STATE POLITICIANS!!!!

On a few issues, I do disagree with my fellow conservatives, especially on the issue of Hawaiian Sovereignty. Simply said, the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 was flat out wrong and illegal. A nation-within-a nation must come to pass, allowing for a sovereign independent Hawaii Nation. The Nation of Hawaii will arise soon, and I will do everything in my power to help that become a reality. Many think I'm part Hawaiian, but I have not a drop of Hawaiian blood. I am English, Irish, Scotch, and Cherokee. I am indeed proud of my heritage. It is my Cherokee blood, from the survivors of the dreadful Trail of Tears, that allows me to relate and empathize with the Hawaiian people and their desire to resurrect their nation. I am indeed humbled to have been one of the writers of the classic sovereignty song, "Hawaii 78" made popular by Bro. IZ and the Makaha Sons back in the seventies. To this day over 35 years later it touches millions around the world. Chicken Skin indeed. You can find out more about the fascinating story of the writing of this song at my website,

Another issue that I may differ with my fellow conservatives is on the issue of Gay Rights. Personally, I don't give a rat's butt what you are. That is a private matter between two people. You could be straight and have an affair with a Myna Bird, for all I care. But what bothers me is the attempt to dumb down the institution of marriage, that, precisely of it being between a man and a woman. End of story.

Let there be no doubt, I am a firm believer in Capitalism. As Sir Winston Churchill stated, "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery". Socialism is nothing more than a mild version of Communism, of which its founding father was Carl Marx (Marxism). Communism is the change of government via violence and revolution, i.e. Lenin of Russia. Socialism is the overthrow of a governmental system via a long and patient political process, i.e. the now 80 long years agenda of the Liberal Left. The fine and dandy and sweet ACLU has been a part of this movement since the early 1920's with it's founding members who were official members of the Communist Party USA. They went on to become founding members of the NEA...what is the NEA you ask? The National Education Association. The slow indoctrination by the Left over the last 80 years in our schools and colleges is why we have some of the most incompetent and liberal graduates ever in the history of our nation. Capitalism is not perfect, but it sure beats Socialism and Communism...just ask the messed up folks in Europe now. And just ask the close to 200 million people who were murdered under the domination by Marxism in Russia, and China, just to name a few. The European socialistic policies introduced after WWII have failed miserably, as Spain, Greece, and a dozen other European nations are broke, sucked into submission by outrageous socialistic entitlement policies, not to mention years of turning the other cheek as per the huge Muslim immigrant populations threatening to change the face of European culture forever. I'll pick capitalism any day over any other "ism". We just need to clean it up. Greed and Cronyism have soured the greatest invention of mankind. I will do my best to help insure that.

Speaking of "isms". We are at war with Radical Islam, an ideology so ruthless, cold, and violent. It is just hard to believe that we are in the 21st century, and yet there is a large section of the world still living back in the 7th century. We cannot afford to cut our military. Our strong defense is the key to a world at peace, without any major world wars. I believe in the Missile Defense system, especially in Europe. The attempt by this administration to cut defense budgets is wrong and naive. We must keep our military strong, our police officers taken solid cared of, including all fire and emergency personnel. It is ridiculous when lawmakers state that if we cut this or cut that, we will impact all the first responders. That is B.S.!!! CUT GOVERNMENTAL OBESITY FIRST!

One of the first things I will do as your Congressional Representative is to set up liaison offices on each island. One of the big problems with politics and government is a lack of CONNECTION to one's constituency back home. Out of my salary, I will finance small liaison offices to be run on a part time basis by paid individuals. This way, a citizen can feel free and comfortable to drop by the office and either write or state what is on his or her mind, as per any issues affecting their daily lives. Each staffer will then have the responsibility to convey those thoughts to me, both verbally and in writing. No more wondering...gee, if I email Sen. So and So, will he ever take the time to read it personally. This way, I will be in direct and continual contact with my constituency.

In closing, I am an ambitious guy who stands on principle. I have worked hard all of my life, and have been self employed pretty much most of my adult life. The challenges I have faced over the years have been mind boggling, like getting custody of my three kids, ages 3, 4, and 6 back in 1980. What a life changer that was...trying to start and run a business while effectively raising three young kids...AND NOT KNOWING HOW TO COOK! I am indeed amazed at how well my kids turned out (in the aviation business) having been fed all sorts of contortions called food. Oh, I learned how to be a pretty good cook, but in those early days as a single parent, I fed them some slop I would never feed my dogs!!!! Facing challenges in life is something I have grown very accustomed to. You have to when you are barely struggling along as a self employed person. Between 2007 and 2010, business dropped so bad, that I had to live and work out of my van. No showers, no toilet, no stove, no nothing. Every nite I would park next to the Kaneohe Police Station and slept through the nite. Much mahalos to the police department for looking the other way, so to speak. But I faced that challenge and somehow survived and moved on. Your Trials Make Your of many sayings I've come up with over the years. Running for this office on a dime's budget is going to be another huge challenge, but I am committed to do the best I can, and hopefully win the seat. In other words, I've been there and done it. I am not bought and paid for. I don't want any union endorsements. All I'm requesting is your vote of confidence. Let's bring back our founding father's Representative Republic where I am employed by you, and I must answer to you. mahalo for your time and consideration.

I must add this...If I am elected,I will be donating 1/2 of my salary as a Congressman to the Wounded Warriors Project, in hopes that other lawmakers in Washington will do the same. Our wounded warriors need every bit of our support. We live because they gave.