"The South Point Solution"

This is a long range plan of 10 to 20 years. One does not create or re-create a nation over night. The issue and process is extremely complex and detailed. First and foremost, one must realize the illegality and injustice of the 1893 Overthrow of a sitting Queen, ruling her sovereign nation which had been in existence for decades prior, with major treaties with many nations across the world. If one cannot admit to this fact, then anything that I write is void, meaningless, useless, and incomprehensible. This wrong must be admitted to in the very first place.

First, the present process and movement of Federal Recognition of the Hawaiian people must continue. Out of this process will be born the Registry where by Hawaiians and part-Hawaiians will be given the power to vote on many issues to come. One of the first issues would be the election of the "Leaders" whom will be in charge of writing the Constitution, as well a host of other elements that need to be addressed, such as the Name of this "New Nation Of Hawaii". The leaders will ultimately hold a Constitutional Convention to hammer out thousands of issues and needs, and ultimately ratify the final. By the way, one of the first decisions must be to decide what form of governing process will the new nation be under...Constitutional Monarchy, a Republic, a Representative Democracy, etc.

At this point I must interject my "South Point Solution". What's gravely missing now in this entire movement is a GEOGRAPHICAL STARTING POINT OR....HOME-BASE, if you will. Someplace we can visually fathom, to touch, hold, and connect with. At present we have nothing. When the Federal government was negotiating with the elected leaders of the Navajo Nation there already was a swath of land picked out to be officially "bordered" at a point in the future. This area of land was comprised of about 17 Million acres, located contiguously in the corners of four states. It was something the citizens of the Navajo Nation could see, touch, and long for. We have nothing of such at present in this Hawaiian movement to restore a nation.

If elected to Congress, one of my top priorities will be to convince the Federal government and the Obama administration to begin the process of Federally Mandating 400,000 acres located on the South Point region of the Big Island as the HOME-BASE for the Restoration of the New Nation. The South Point region is one of the most pristine regions in the Hawaiian islands. The Big Island is comprised of about 2.5 Million acres. The 400,000 acres bordered in the South Point region will be about the size of Oahu. By the way, at present there are over 500 "Nation Within A Nation" entities across America, some so small, you can barely pick it off a map, and some huge, as the Navajo Nation.

Now, back to logistics. The bottom line under-pinning the success of this entire process is the garnering of Capital Funding. In my estimation, it will take $800 Billion to $1.2 Trillion to get through the first few phases, that of "bordering", the beginning planning of Infrastructure mapping, layout, design, and construction, specifically roads, highways, boulevards etc. From a world class Airport, to a first class breakwater and Harbor, to Electric Power Plants and Grid, To Water Supply systems. The key to overcoming this huge financial necessity is to complete the writing and Ratification of the Constitution. This is what then, and only then, will happen.

Immediately upon ratification, with much worldwide fanfare, coverage, and blessing, a large contingent of the Hawaiian Leaders and tens of thousands of onlookers will assemble at some point designated (the sublime cliffs of the Point, perhaps). The Leaders will proclaim to the world THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW SOVEREIGN NATION OF HAWAII!!! The next phase is the most critical. It is the appointing of AMBASSADORS to over 50 nations across the planet, WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF WRITING AND SECURING TRADE AGREEMENTS AND TREATIES, AS WELL AS the garnering immediately of CAPITAL FUNDING VIA LOANS AND INVESTMENTS FROM AND WITH EACH NATION. Now what Nation Leader would refuse the opportunity to secure investment ties with The New Nation of Hawaii, being re-birthed over 120 years following its overthrow?

In 30 years I can truly see a thriving and prosperous nation with economic trade with every major nation on earth. Imagine how it will impact the counties of Hawaii, especially Hawaii County. I also envision the New Nation purchasing islands to expand it borders, perhaps even some of the Hawaiian islands. If Lanai can be bought and sold, there is nothing to stop the expansion of the New Nation's borders.

I could go on and on with so many topics, dreams, and elements involved in this comprehensive process, like the building of a world class Navy and maritime well as the changing of the Quantum blood level to be more in line with today rather than in the early 20th century...will one need to be part Hawaiian to buy property and live in the New many things to plan for and debate. I trust at least you realize now, with the South Point Solution that THIS IS POSSIBLE IN OUR LIFETIME. RESTORATION HAWAIIAN NATION.

NOTE the Chicken Skin irony...The Hawaiians ARRIVED at South Point...and now they will RESTORE as a nation South Point...

Restoration Hawaiian Nation!